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Wedding Myths de-bunked

There are so many preconceived ideas and expectations regarding what a wedding should look like, who it should involve and how it runs. Some expectations are so deeply engrained that we don’t realise their presence. These wedding myths and expectations can shape the process of your wedding planner- for better and/or for worse! They could stem from reality TV shows and movies giving us false expectations of a wedding, or someone’s lingering admiration for fairytales. It’s much deeper than that. These myths are formed from cultural beliefs and stories that have been passed down on a personal level.

Here are a few common wedding myths de-bunked:

It’s your day!

Yes, you are getting married, it is your wedding, so it would make sense that the day was all about the couple. However, for anyone that has experienced planning a wedding, you’ll know that this isn’t entirely true and is sometimes unachievable. Sometimes when parents or in-laws contribute to the wedding financially, they may think that it’s then okay to try and take control with planning details or inviting their own friends because they’re paying. Be prepared to make a few minor allowances along the way but don’t just do things to please others.

diy weddings

Every single detail around the wedding needs to be perfect, unique, personalised and made from the heart.

Weddings have become much more personalised than they used to be. From engraved details to handmade signs, there are a lot of personal touches you can add to the décor at a wedding. You can’t do it all. You will burn yourself out. There is wedding inspiration splashed across everywhere you look, on Pinterest, Instagram, wedding and lifestyle magazines and ads for wedding expos. You need to choose which details are best for your wedding. You need to ask yourself if the idea you’re entertaining makes sense in relation to your overall vision (your venue, dress, the feeling you want your guests to take away from the entire event).

Limit yourself to a few clever details and realistic DIY projects that reflect who you are as a couple. There are probably a range of different styles that spark your interest but you can’t incorporate them all into your wedding.

You shouldn’t pick the first vendor, dress, etc. that you find.

While it’s important that you do your research and become knowledgeable about prices and services in your area, there’s no need to hold out on choosing a vendor, dress or other item just because of the myth that you shouldn’t pick the first one that you see. You might regret not choosing it later, or after various appointments, float back to the very first option. Make an informed decision, and if it happens to be the first vendor/dress/item you see that you fall in love with- then so be it!

something borrowed something blue

You need to have a white gown, something blue/borrowed/old/new, a church as the venue, a bouquet toss, and your Dad walk you down the aisle otherwise it’s not really a wedding.

The great thing about weddings now is that people pick and choose which traditions they want to follow (if any) – or, start their own! There’s no need to follow any traditions that you don’t see value in. You can shake things up, or have a textbook classic traditional wedding- and guess what? It doesn’t matter! As long as you enjoy the day, have the people you love the most, and get to marry the person of your dreams then these finite details shouldn’t really matter.

Wedding myths de-bunked

These are just some of the many wedding myths that have risen from cultural beliefs and stories and passed down on a personal level to the next generation. Many of these traditions have been portrayed to us in fairytales or movies and so expectations of what a perfect wedding looks like are so engrained that we don’t question where those expectations began.

The perfect wedding looks different to everyone, and that’s okay.

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