Top Wedding Trends of 2018

Top Wedding Trends of 2018

We’re now well into 2018, and have seen enough weddings to know the popular trends when it comes to weddings. There are plenty of lingering trends from last year, although there are some noticeably new changes that should be noted if you’re planning a wedding for this year. A wedding is an incredibly special life event, of course it doesn’t matter if you’re not fussed over the current year trend, but in case you are, we’ve collated a list of them for you here.


Moving away from rose gold touches, this year has seen similar metallic décor, however in the form of an industrial copper look. The good thing about this trend is that it’s affordable! Lanterns and tea light holders complement the copper with the reflecting candle light, so keep that in mind. You can also integrate copper details into cups, cutler, chairs and the colour scheme of other décor. It will look best for an Autumn coloured wedding palette.

copper decorations wedding

Creative signage, Innovative invitations and name places

Stationery is always a key part in designs for weddings. 2018 is seeing more adventurous choices for the materials used for their invitations, place cards and signage.

Rather than sticking to paper, couples branch out to include fabric, Perspex, printed felt alongside natural elements such as stone and wood.

Couples are being creative with their first impressions- the invitation. They’re filling it with personality, with custom-painted invites remaining a popular option. Pieces with foil stamping, watercolour or calligraphy are also still favoured.

Wedding wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Couples are getting festive by including wreaths in their wedding décor, usually spotted at bohemian weddings.

Cutting the Guest List

Weddings are getting smaller. Apart from those who still go all out, and we mean all out, over the top extravagant once in a lifetime party. Those that choose the first option prefer a more intimate gathering with people who matter the most to them at this point in their lives. This means they may opt to leave off friends and relatives they haven’t seen for years. This considerably cuts the wedding budget, although might also cut ties with people, so be sure to invite those you wish to have stick around!

guest list weddings

Non-traditional venues

While a church wedding may be the goal for some bride and grooms, it’s no longer a popular option for couples tying the knot. In Australia, couples are getting married in venues like the Lock-Up in Newcastle, NSW- an old police station which operated from 1861 to 1982 and is now an art gallery/wedding venue. Barns are becoming quite popular for venue choices, although we’re not talking about a farm barn that smells of livestock. The barns may have hay bales around but they’re transformed into beautiful venues with hanging lights and decorations. Heritage parks, bush retreats, old industrial sites and factories, and stables are other examples of non-traditional wedding venues becoming popular.

Quirky dessert tables

While some couples will always prefer a traditional tiered wedding cake, others are moving towards alternatives. In 2018 you’ll find a quirky dessert table which will be filled with treats to suit every palate. Cupcakes, macarons, slices, bite sized biscuits, sweets, you name it. It gives couples the option to have a spread offering a few different choices for picky guests.

Hanging floral installations

Hanging flowers go hand in hand with wreaths at weddings, it’s a great way to decorate with nature and add life to a venue. Usually the hanging floral installations are mixed with fairy lights or some kind of curtain and wooden frame, perfect for a photobooth backdrop.

Whether you’re wanting to keep up with the trends, or just plan your dream day the way you want, it doesn’t hurt to take in some tips from couples that have tied the knot before you. It’s always useful to know what’s popular when it comes to planning your special day, whether you want to imitate the trends or steer clear.

If you’re looking for a celebrant to help you create an unforgettable atmosphere on your special day, get in touch and we can talk about what you have in mind for your big day.