Your wedding is your story. I will help you make it magical!

My Wedding

Your wedding is your story.

I would be honored to offer my services to make your wedding as perfect and uniquely memorable as possible. My full services extend from the intitial planning to the special day itself.

Planning your Ideal Ceremony

Preparing for a wedding is a collaborative, enriching effort. While I offer my years of experience, expertise and guidance, I always concentrate on the real focus: YOU. This is why planning your ideal ceremony involves my effort and your approval.

My full services in preparation include:

  • Responding to any initial enquiries about myself as a celebrant, references and availability, and about the process
  • Initial meetings to get to know each other and fully understand the unique essence of your relationship
  • Reliable phone and e-mail communication to keep ideas evolving and improving
  • Providing a wedding ceremony planning kit
  • Providing drafts of ceremony for your approval
  • Attending a rehearsal
  • Attending and conducting the ceremony

Every step of the process is designed to express your relationship, values and preferences.

My Wedding -
My Wedding -

Personalised Written Vows & Moments

After talking over what you want from your special day, we can create the plan for your ideal wedding ceremony. This includes personalised written vows.

You will receive a specially selected portfolio of wedding vows and styles. This will help you decide on the best structure and content. I will always take the time to personalise every aspect of the ceremony to complement your relationship and written vows.

Legal Preparation and Support

As a celebrant, I also provide several services related to the legal aspect of marriageMy legal support services include:

  • Aiding in understanding legal marriage requirements in Australia, including age, free consent, and provision of notice
  • Checking identity documentation
  • Witnessing and receiving your Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Preparing certificates and ceremony mementos
  • Ensuring all legal requirements are met
  • Registering your marriage with the registry within 14 days
  • Guiding you on ordering a marriage certificate

My services will always depend on what you are looking for. If you have any questions, I’m open for a talk.

My Wedding -

"Love: The irresistable desire to be irresistibly desired." - Mark Twain

My Wedding -

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