The prices on this page are sample pricing and may not be exactly what your chosen photographer quotes but it should give you some general guidance as to what you can expect to pay.

Wedding Expressions Newcastle has seen pricing for collections range from $2000 – $8000 but it can be more than that if there is video involved with most couples spending between $2500 – $4500. Usually the photo collections are personalised to suit your wedding and there will be a package to suit most budgets.

Special offers are sometimes available, particularly in quieter parts of the year like winter. For example if you book your photography at the time of your first appointment may secure you a pre-wedding shoot valued at $400 included as part of your investment.

Wedding photography consultations are usually by appointment only, don’t just arrive at a photography studio and expect to be served instantly. When you book in a time, be prepared to be delighted by the albums, wall prints and amazing audio visual of other couples weddings. Your photographer will also want to get to know you both and chat about your special day.

Bridal Albums

Many wedding photographers offer a variety of bridal albums that you can include in your package. Features will often include:

  • Exclusive Digital Magazine Albums
  • Parent Magazine albums as well as Pocket Magazine albums can also be added to your package to compliment your Bridal Magazine album.
  • Digital DVD Albums

The albums listed above will probably offer the most popular album size options chosen by couples. Your photographer would be more than happy to walk you through other album sizes and associated pricing on your preferred albums.