Can we meet with our photographer to discuss our wedding & photography?

Definitely! A professional wedding photographer would love to meet you at their studio or your wedding location. It makes for a great ice breaker and time to discuss your special day.

Should we get to meet our photographer?

Absolutely. Choosing your photographer for your wedding is a very personal decision. Getting to know your photographer is essential.

Can we have two photographers?

You certainly can. A professional wedding photographer can organise two (or more) photographers for your special day. Plus they can get videographers and drone operators too if you really want an amazing wedding video to remember the day by.

How many photos does a professional wedding photographer take?

Unlimited! A professional wedding photographer will want to capture the emotions of your wedding day, and they certainly can’t put a number on emotion & memories.

Can we customise our package?

Yes! The investment options on a professional wedding photographer website will offer their most popular packages, but of course, you can customise a wedding photography session to be specialised to your experience and requirements.

How soon do we need to book?

Its a personal decision. Most couples typically book at least 8 months in advance, with some booking at least 12-18 months ahead. Check with your chosen photographer to see how far in advance they look to take bookings.

Do wedding photographers travel interstate and overseas?

Many professional wedding photographers will do this, and the cost might not be as much as you would think. This is the best way to ensure you get great photos without worrying about dealing with an unknown photographer in another country.

What about the weather and rain?

A professional wedding photographer will be experienced in producing breathtaking images regardless of the weather. Don’t let the weather worry you one bit unless of course there is thunder and lightning in which case you probably want a well lit indoor wedding. Though in Newcastle most weddings take place in the shoulder months and warm seasons when conditions are generally good and the weather is stable.

Do we get high resolution images with our package?

Yes, many professional wedding photographers now provide this for their clients as a standard or even basic option. Try to pick a photographer that will do more than just dump your images on a USB stuck though. You really want them to do some post production and editing and then provide you with a thumb drive of high res images.

When do we get our photos?

Your photos can be ready for you within two weeks of your wedding day but check with your professional wedding photographer to see what their schedule is like. Often they will release example and sample images within days onto facebook if you are happy for them to do so. If you’re honey moon spans a little longer, you’re photos are probably going to be ready to be picked up as soon as you get back.

Can we print enlargements, canvas, and other display products?

Yes. Most professional wedding photographers provide some amazing enlargement options for you to choose from.

Do professional wedding photographer fix and retouch our photos?

Some professional wedding photographer will do post shoot editing, cropping, lighting etc to enhance the beauty of the featured images. At Wedding Expressions Newcastle, we believe in capturing beautiful photos in camera and you should certainly insist that your chosen photographer does not rely on editing all the time. Really good images don’t require fixing or retouching. A professional wedding photographer will provide refinement to your images, which will take them from beautiful to amazing.

Can we add extra pages to our album?

Most couples want to share every beautiful detail and moment of their wedding day, and so many choose to add more pages. You can certainly do the same and any good professional wedding photographer will encourage you to do so.

Do we get to choose which photos go into our album?

Sure. Its your album, so you get to choose the photos that you would like to showcase. A typical situation will be that the photographer will make suggestions and pick out what they think are the best images and then ask that you refine that selection.

Do we have to design the album?

You don’t have to do anything at all in most cases but you can have input. A professional wedding photographer will probably have a team of talented album designers. When your design is ready, you get the opportunity to come into the studio and review your beautiful album with your photographer.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Some professional wedding photographers who want to differentiate themselves from everyone else may well do this. Check to see if your selected photographer offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Do we need a backup photographer?

Wedding Expressions Newcastle recommends that you consider this just in case something goes wrong with the camera or storage or technology.

Should we enquiry about wedding videography?

Many professional wedding photographer now offer a cinematic video production of your wedding that fuses the best of photography and cinema experience together.

Should we insist on the photograhers dress code?

Most professional wedding photographers will approach your wedding with upmost professionalism and present like professional photographers should and they will try and blend in reasonably with the guests by wearing muted tones and unremarkable shirts. They remain as unobtrusive as possible to allow you to focus on enjoying yourself, as they mingle amongst your guests and snap those authentic moments of laughter, tears and fun.

Is there anything else we can do to prepare?

A prewedding shoot is optional but it does offer you an opportunity to engage with your photographer and have some fun. Its a great ‘get to know the camera’ session that also provides you both with beautiful images on DVD or USB.

How much time do we need for our bridal shoot?

The more time, the better! Its definitely more relaxed and enjoyable if you have time to get out of the cars, have some refreshments and proceed with the bridal shoot.